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Who are we?

How we do at Sushrut Yog?


Every human being has his/her unique potential that is irreplaceable. Every snowflake is unique, yet they are each perfect. At Sushrut Yog we have a unique action plan for each individual…

What we do at Sushrut Yog?


There is an inexorable link between our body, its own energy and the goodness and abundance of nature. When our body’s innate energy field is combined with the goodness of nature…

What is Sushrut Yog?

ornament1 Sushrut Yog is a spiritual wellness centre established in Jan 2005. At Sushrut Yog we believe in application of diverse action plans for physical mental and spiritual well-being of a person leading towards…

Our Objective?


Our objective is to share these alternative healing therapies with you and to unfold the wisdom and secrets of Indian sages and saints so that you are able to live a fulfilling and healthy life…

  • Revathi Anantharam

    Blood Cancer Improvement (Acute Myeloid Leukemia)

    "We started the treatment with small magnets and methi in different positions on her hands and legs (mostly fingers). Day 1, over night, I saw Results and my daughter woke up around 9 am with no head ache, that day she ate a little solid food as well. I continued to see improvement day after day and the highlight was “No Pain” since 2nd Feb 2015. Manas also added on few things that were mainly home remedies like with Tulsi, with Neem and few other things. We started following those home remedies. At every step (change in treatment), I used to update Manas on how Sarayu was doing. And Manas would assess based on my feedback i.e. on Sarayu’s intake, output (e.g. color of stool) & her activities. Day 3 (3rd Feb 2015) I decided to stop all her allopathic medicines. I informed her doctor about the alternate treatment and my decision to stop all the medicines. Manas also recommended us on holistic healing, meditation, prayers, astrological remedies and house healing. So we followed that as well. And everyday, I could see a significant improvement in my child’s health.."
  • Priankur Nandy

    Depression is curable in a very less time.

    "Thanks to Manas Bhai, that today, I am back to work. As an Operations Manager, my enthu is back and I honestly, sincerely carrying on my Pranayama routine and to add, I have acquired considerable knowledge in this field – thanks to Manas bhai that slowly but surely I am sharing the same with others. I had conducted a small class of 30+ people in Mumbai last week. Depression indeed is a chronic disease but my clear statement is that it is curable that too in a very less time."
  • Deepak Salwan

    Heart Blockage condition

    "Even though my father, Mr Narender Salwan (65 Yrs) was fairly healthy and did not complain of any chest pains or symptoms of heart disease, still he was diagnosed with 60% heart blockage after a routine check up followed by an angiography. Well, being a Punjabi, all the Ghee and butter shows up some time in life, The doctors in Manipal suggested to go for stents immediately but I resisted to that and wanted another opinion. We went to Dr. Rangarajan in Wockhardt and he told me that my Dad is a class II case (No symptoms and generally healthy) and do not need any invasive methods and put him on medications and mild exercise. Parallely, my father started doing Pranayaam for about two hours everyday. Seeing my dad’s interest in Yoga and Pranayam and his will to cure it without any surgery, I told him about Mr Manas. Dad met Manas and Manas helped Dad correct few of the Pranayaams, he was doing wrongly. He also suggested some juices and acupressure points. It’s been a year of doing the Pranayaam religiously for two hours everyday (1 Hr Morning, 1 Hr Evening), Dr.Rangarajan now calls my Dad a Class I case as Dad is totally normal, fitter than anybody in the family (young or older) and can run on treadmill for 45 mins … Yes!! 45 mins without getting breathlessness. Thank you Manas… you are doing a noble thing."