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Advance Acupressure (treatment by using grain sized magnets, tied on fingers with tape) and Yoga in combination, done in a right way and in right direction, help in healing all type of ailments (major / minor) especially for any kind of benign or cancerous tumour.

This NO Medicine method is much faster, easy to learn, reliable and durable with NO side effects. It can be administered for all age groups including pregnant women, new born / infants, children and old people.

Result oriented regular Yoga Class started in HSR layout, Bangalore. Open for all age groups for all health issues. Please register; Mob : +91-9449853702

A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue (body fat). They are soft to touch, usually movable, and are generally painless. Lipomas are commonly found in adults from 40 to 60 years of age, but can also be found in younger adults and children. Some sources claim that malignant transformation can occur. Usually, treatment of a lipoma is not necessary, unless the tumor becomes painful or restricts movement. They are usually removed for cosmetic reasons, if they grow very large, or for biopsy to check if they are cancerous (Liposarcoma).

— Testimonial —

Myself Sandeep, would like to share with everyone my experience with this unique methodology of treatment for Multiple Lipomas (tumors all over the body).

I had multiple lipomas/lumps for almost 5 years. They were mostly on my thighs, arms and the waist area. I had 28 lipomas before I started the treatment with Manas.

Even though the lipomas were not causing any pain or problem to me, they created cosmetic problem. The lump on my hands were easily noticeable so I decided to consult the doctor. Doctors suggested surgical removal of the lumps, but did not guarantee that they won’t appear again and there were more chances of its spreading because of surgical removal.

In August 2014, one lump appeared near my right wrist. It was quite painful. Due to pain and restricted movement of my wrist I wanted to try some alternative treatment instead of surgery. I read online about the treatment provided by Manas using magnets and contacted him for the same. We had brief discussion about my health conditions in September 2014. He explained the combination of therapies he uses to treat any disease.

As per his recommendation, I started applying magnets and seeds on my fingers and toes, few home remedies, the set of breathing exercises and yoga postures and change in some food habits. Within weeks’ time of wearing these magnets and using acupressure equipment, it started showing visible results. Photograph of Lipoma on right wrist before and after treatment, is attached.

Lipoma size near my right wrist reduced and in few weeks it completely disappeared. After continuing the treatment for 4 ½ months (Jan. 2015), the number of lipomas in my body reduced to 21 from 28. The rest of the lipomas that were still existing became soft and are reducing in size gradually.

Presently, I am in U.S. and little irregular in doing the treatment. Still two lipomas are gone. Rest of the lumps are reducing as they were very big in size. They have become more soft as well.

I thank Manas for bringing awareness about such unique combination of treatment methodology. I hope lot of people will benefit from this natural treatment. I am really satisfied with the results and happy to continue the treatment to get rid of lipomas from my body completely with no surgical procedures.

Sandeep A P, 27 year

Software Engineer in CISCO

#A-102, Siddharath Sapphire,

Kudlu Village


Mob : +919535238525

E-mail : Sandee…

— End Of Testimonial —

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