Every human being has his/her unique potential that is irreplaceable. Every snowflake is unique, yet they are each perfect. At Sushrut Yog we have a unique action plan for each individual.

Steps involves

  • Consultation-This initial step is designed to get a better insight and understanding the requirement of service for the member.
  • Understanding the disease if/any medically through your prior checkups or through recommending some basic diagnostic test.
  • Acupressure diagnostic which is designed for post disease as well as preventive cure.
  • Spiritual diagnostic which is intended for finding the know-how of karmic layers, pitras, doshas.

With the amalgamation of the above steps a customised treatment protocol is designed for an individual.

Patients with very serious ailments such as Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases who have been declared terminal by doctors have shown remarkable improvements and recovery with these various alternate healing therapies.

Magnetic acupressure treatment where the tiny magnets are attached on to the fingers, regulate the inherent energy flow in the blood and correct the imbalances. Additionally, breathing techniques such as Pranayama as well as correct food habits are recommended in order to set up a multi-pronged attack on the disease. Food eaten in certain ways and at certain times also helps to treat diseases as does the application of colour therapy principles to address certain conditions and illnesses.

Meditation and healing along with chakra activation is the way of treating the patients at the spiritual level which virtually helps in treating the physical ailments. Meditation ensures that the patient’s chakras are activated and the energies are balanced with which the person becomes more receptive to the therapy.