Open/Close Menu Sushrut Yog is a spiritual wellness centre established in Jan 2005. At Sushrut Yog, we believe in application of diverse action plans for physical mental and spiritual well-being of a person leading towards harmonious life.

Advance Acupressure (treatment by using grain size magnets tied on fingers with tape) and Yoga in combination, done in a right way and in right direction, helps in healing all type of ailments (major / minor) especially for any type of injury internal or external. It is quite quick, easy with no side effects.

Recently, it was in news that Injured MS Dhoni is out of Asia cup. All type of Sports injuries can also be recovered quickly. Any type of external and internal bleeding can be stopped almost immediately.

Here is a testimonial of a busy Mom, finding quick solace with magnet treatment for her Wrist injury.

—- Testimonial —

One night while handling my daughter, I injured my right wrist. I had no idea what got affected! That whole night I suffered through pain. In the morning, it worsened further. I couldn’t twist my wrist, couldn’t lift anything, as light as a spoon. I couldn’t even type an email to inform to the office. I felt completely helpless and handicapped with my right hand. Suddenly, it badly affected my usual busy mom life. I felt frustrated with the anticipation of ‘how long it will affect me and how much our life especially kids will suffer’.
We suspected if it’s a bone fracture or some hair line fracture in hand. We rushed to ‘urgent care’ (emergency) when it didn’t subside. We paid urgent care fee and were waiting for our turn. Meanwhile, we were trying to approach Mr. Manas Maral. He suggested urgent care is not needed; this problem can be solved quickly by using the magnets. He gave us the prescription on phone while we were waiting at the reception. So, we left the urgent care and took money back; rushed home, started the magnetic treatment as suggested. Within 30 minutes there was a big reduction in pain and wrist movement started easily but there was a small point still affecting me. We called Mr. Manas to give feedback and told the details. He asked us to apply 3 more magnets while he waited on phone holding the line. Within about 30 seconds of applying the magnets residual pain was gone as well. I was asked to continue the magnets for another 2-3 weeks which I did.

It has been over 5 months since then and I don’t have any discomfort in my hand at all. I wonder how many pain killers and how many days of moving around with a crape bandage were saved because of quick and effective treatment given by Mr. Manas. Being a working mother with almost no domestic help, I cannot thank Manas enough for helping me get on with my life without any medication and potential side effects.

Minakshi Srivastava, 34 yrs
VP, Bank of America | US Card Acquisition Strategies | 1100 King St. | Wilmington | DE | 19884
E-mail : minak…
Phone : 609 269 5827

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